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Most students face the challenge of finding essay writing companies that are reliable enough to produce high quality products at reasonable prices. This is because the number of essay writing services is ever increasing and all of them promise to quality services, something that they never really do. Most students end up becoming victims of broken promises as they pay scammers and counterfeit essay writing companies to complete academic assignments for them only to produce low quality products in return. They ride on the desperation of students to find help as they rarely find time to do assignments themselves. This has practice has caused a lot of disappointment among students who depend on essay writing services to get their academic assignments done. Our major aim at is to help get students out of this mess so they can identify reliable essay writing companies that uphold their promise.

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We combine efforts with students to realize this goal because we hold that consumers of online writing services are capable of empowering each other through information sharing. Our work thus becomes that of soliciting for reviews from students who have hired essay writing services before. We want such people to share about their experiences with those writing companies in an candid and honest way so that others can be enlightened. The reviews sent to us need to address issues relating to customer support, cost of services and quality of the same. We prefer hearing about the kind of policies that essay companies have and how they adhere to those policies, the rights that they give customers such as rights to have their work reviewed or to receive progress reports. The persons who right customer reviews also need to talk about the credentials of writers in the essay company, presence of sample writings and whether the prices quoted and invoiced are consistent. We engage ourselves in researching on essay companies independently through their online platforms so the finding of this research also enriches our reports.

After gathering all the details, we get it analyzed before ranking the essay writing companies. To rank their performance, we use an already existing ranking tool that captures the top five most critical attributes that students look for in a writing service. The rating process produces individual essay company’s performance rating, which is used to determine the position of each company’s position on the ranking list. Each essay writing company receives a numerical score that grants it a position in comparison with the other writing companies under review. This whole process is not aimed at shaming any particular company but it is rather our way of helping students find reputable writing services without going through a lot of trouble.

There are other resources that we share through this platform that are created by some of the leading essay writing companies. These resources are available below and they are packaged as video clips that show how the respective companies processes work. For more information about individual companies, please go to the website links availed below.